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Originally Published: January 29, 2022

If you have not set up a Web3 wallet visit Getting Started: If you already have a wallet set up, visit and connect your wallet. If you are using a web extension on a pc web browser, this will be simple. OpenSea cannot currently be fully accessed on mobile devices except by using the MetaMask browser. The OpenSea application for mobile devices is only for viewing. Select your wallet and it should prompt you with a request for a wallet signature. When any action is requested from a site, your wallet will prompt your to sign the request to verify that you authorize the action.

Completing this step will take you to your new OpenSea account. Here you will be able to personalize your account, trade, list, and sell NFTs, and collect your earnings directly into your MetaMask wallet. It will also display the encryption ID for you wallet address. You will use this to receive and request NFTs. It is public and safe to share as this does not give any access to your wallet. Think of it like your mailing address or phone number being in the phone book. It is not the same as having your house key.  

On an OpenSea account, NFTs can be sent and received freely by selecting an NFT and the “Transfer” command. 

The gift icon second from the left

Select your quantity, input the address to send to, and select “Transfer.” A signature prompt will appear from your wallet to authorize the transfer. Confirm it, and make sure the process request is completed. 

When you receive an NFT, it will not be displayed publicly on your account. It will appear in the “Hidden” category.  To reveal it and list it, select the “Unhide” option. This will reveal it on your “Collected” category. 

After you have revealed your NFT in Collected, its now time to list. Select the NFT you wish to list, and take a look at the “Listings” chart. A good strategy for listing your NFT is to analyze the current listings and either competitively set your price, or raise the price and wait for the floor price of the NFT to raise until your item is the best price. 

When the decision is made on what price to list it for, and click the sell option. An NFT can only be sold for the crypto currency of the chain it was minted on, although peer to peer trading can exchange for any currency. Select your price, and it is recommended to keep the “Duration” at 6 months. A listing can be removed at any time so don’t worry. 

Complete your listing and wait for your NFT to sell! When you receive an NFT and list it for sale, direct profits on the sale go to your wallet. Gas fees are covered in the transaction, and Creator Royalty is sent to the original minter. Sales will be reflected in the collection and item “Activity” charts.

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