Setting Up a MetaMask

Originally Published: January 1, 2022

To receive, purchase, and transfer NFTs, hold $ESI token, and connect to Empyrean Source Platform, users must first create a secure crypto wallet.

We recommend using Metamask, as it is the blockchain industry and community standard for crypto wallets. It is decentralized and connected directly to the Ethereum Mainnet but can be bridged to many different cross-chains. We are currently focused on the Ethereum and Polygon chains for this phase of the Elysian Fields Metaverse NFT Project.

There are a number of ways to create and access a MetaMask wallet. 

Directly through your browser

You can go through your browser of choice if it supports the MetaMask web browser extension. Go to your app or web store and download the application. Make sure to pin it to your taskbar at the top right and begin setup.

We recommend using the Brave web browser, which is a privacy driven web browser equipped with ad, malware, and cookie tracking blockers to keep your web experience free of excess intrusion. It also has a subscription for its built-in VPN for further privacy and identity protection. You can also earn in crypto and create a Brave wallet to receive your payment by viewing ads for community developed products. Brave uses the Chrome store and can download MetaMask as a web extension. Make sure to pin it to the taskbar at the top right and begin setup.

Download the App

MetaMask is supported for Apple, Android, and other leading mobile app stores. Just got to your devices app store and download. The mobile app includes a browser that can be used to surf the web with complete identity protection. 

Wallet setup 

Once you have download MetaMask, create a wallet. Select “Get Started”

If you already have a MetaMask wallet created, import your wallet to attach to your app or extension. If you are a first time user, create a wallet! To create a wallet, you must create a password, watch the video on keeping your wallet and Secret Recovery Phrase safe and protected.

Follow the suggestions provided to keep your wallet safe and remember your password. Write it down, hide it, put it in a safe deposit box. No one can help you recover your wallet if you lose your recovery phrase. This means that you will lose any NFTs, crypto, and other smart contracts contained or attached to the wallet. Never share your recovery phrase with anyone. 

Once you have completed setup, you will be able to view your wallet and personalize your account, top up your funds, and start using your dApp (decentralized application) for engaging on your blockchain of choice. 

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