Intro to EF: Realms

Originally Published: January 1, 2022

Metaverse in 3D/VR

As a major component of the project, ESI is building a virtual reality using the Unity engine application in order to facilitate user interaction, modeling of NFTs and developer elements, trading & exchange, and ultimately a community hub. 

There will be two starting components of Realms: the Community Center and Personal Realm. The Community Center, as its name implies, is the true center of the Elysian Fields Metaverse.  This will be the location of the Elysian Fields Gallery, the Community Center, the Gaian Road Market, and Comrades Hall, the home of the Comrades Gate community. Here players will begin their journey in EF: Realms. It is the initial spawn point for beginners to properly introduce them to the Realm and the Metaverse by surrounding them with friendly faces.  The Center also hosts the Emperor’s Cup, which is a seasonal e-sport event that occurs in the Battlegrounds (see EF: Battlegrounds)

Personal Realm is the hub for each player. This space is private to the user and can be used to design and build anything in their Realm with either assets provided or by possessing an EF NFT that acts as an asset file for creator tools and elements when designing a Personal Realm. Users can invite their friends to share their private space and control who is able to join their instance. This is also where any NFTs the user may have collected can be displayed, as well as the Social Wall for displaying a customizable user profile.  

From the first step into Realms, users will be capable of immersing themself into it by exploring the Community Center, visiting the Gallery, meeting the Comrades, and checking out what NFTs are available for purchase at the Gaian Road Market. Before users can proceed from spawn, they will be required to A) possess or create an Empyrean Source account B) connect a supported wallet and C) verify that wallet as a DAO member by purchasing an EF NFT Metachip. 

Realms will include a play-to-earn (PTE) model using $ESI token as a reward for performing actions, completing task/quests/objectives, event giveaways, and in-game selling & trading. $ESI tokens accrued will be retained in game anywhere across the Metaverse via your Empyrean Source account.  Until an ICO occurs, the only place possible to purchase $ESI is directly from the Empyrean Source website Token Store.  When $ESI is fully launched, it can be cashed out into a connected and verified wallet, however removing funds from in-game will result in a fee. 

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