Intro to EF: Metacraft

Originally Published: January 1, 2022

Minecraft in the Metaverse…

With the announcement that Minecraft as a subsidiary of Microsoft plans to take itself into the metaverse, this opens a world of opportunity for the 2011 hit video game that now comes installed on every Windows computer. The possibilities for what this can mean for an NFT and Metaverse project we believe are immense. In accordance with this, ESI and its developers have created the Elysian Fields: Metacraft, the official Minecraft server for the project. 

Metacraft is a hardcore survival gamemode where users will enter the Elysian Fields Metaverse in the city of Comradeship. From there they can interact with other players, sightsee, attend events, and play the game as it is known and loved. However, what makes Metacraft unique is that a play-to-earn model is employed in the form of NFT hunting. Exploring and conquering a dungeon, fighting hordes of monsters, facing off in an arena, and participating in the native economy are all ways to be rewarded NFTs from the Elysian Fields collection.  

The vanilla with plug-ins server features the sprawling city of comradeship where players initially spawn in. Skyscrapers, city gardens, bustling markets, the city acts as a hub for server life and events. Players can venture beyond its walls and experience a hardcore survival gameplay where they may come across dangerous custom creatures and explore designer dungeons for NFTs! A PvP arena is currently under project planning and a rail cart system is being blueprinted. 

The future of Metacraft is looking bright and as more Web3 features alongside the implementation of VR, the collective Elysian Field Metaverse that Metacraft helps represent will become more functionally into being. Web engineers and Minecraft builders are being called upon to help custom design aspects of the server and deepen experiences for players. Inquire with Empyrean Source Industries for more info on how you can join this project.

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