Dev Roundup Oct. 2021

Originally Published: October, 2021

Rebranding to

Over the course of October 2021, ESI began the rebranding of its own websites and assets to prepare for the Elysian Fields Metaverse Project.  It began by consolidating multiple asset websites into the Empyrean Source Platform website ( This shifted the focus of company operations from Web 2.0 (internet on servers, web design, social portfolio management, graphics media) to Web 3.0 Metaverse initiatives (internet on blockchain, NFT, cryptology).  

Elysian Fields NFT

The Elysian Fields NFT component of the project began in October 2021 with the release of the Genesis set, the first 100 NFTs by Yanja and listed to OpenSea to begin the collection. The Genesis set is highly collectible and contains visual artwork inspired by the culture of Comrades Gate and ESI. The second set of cards to be released to collection is the EDEN set in collaboration with Silver, the first developer to join the Creators Guild.  EDEN contains 48 cards that feature flora and fauna inspired by Natural mixed digital themes to begin populating the ledger with entities and provide proof of work use cases for NFTs in an evolving blockchain climate. 

What will follow EDEN, is the Zenith Orion set in partnership with Zenii from the Gate to produce NFTs featuring a wave of exclusive Zenii content and highlighting the visual arts, musical and vocal talent, spoken word, and collaborative content.  Other sets are in motion and being added to the Gaian Road Ledger with creation and release dates pending. As more developers and artists are brought into the Creators Guild and Airdrop community, more collaborative sets will take place in conjunction with ESI. 

First creations of Elysian Fields in 3D

The Elysian Fields Metaverse began as a stack of papers and experimental research by ESI. As projects, an online community, and technologies began to develop and converge, the developers at ESI realized that a Metaverse had been in the making the entire time. By consolidating all projects and liquidating previous project assets into one umbrella, the Empyrean Source Platform, ESI was able to create the Elysian Fields Metaverse with its own ecosystem and adjoining software tools in the digital legacy suite for Web 3.0 access. 

During research and development into Virtual Reality, the developers began working with the Unity Engine application designing 3D spaces. These spaces would be able to serve as staging events for events, filming, and other projects. Then it dawned on the team that the only appropriate course of action was building a 3D world to host the Metaverse by designing Elysian Fields: Realms.  This 3D software would integrate with VR and blockchain elements such as crypto wallets, ledger verification, and NFT assets in-world to build a seamless, secure experience that packages the project and presents it to users ready to download. 

EF: Realms is planned to be released for Beta testing at the start of 2021 dependent on development progression. It will be listed for download on the Empyrean Source Platform but is possible to be listed on other gaming platforms that support blockchain games. EF: Battlegrounds is planned to be released alongside Realms, with airdrops given to select Beta testers for access. 

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