Dev Roundup Nov. 2021

NFT project update

Originally Published: December 5, 2021

Whitepaper Release

ESI officially announced the release of the Elysian Fields Metaverse Project Whitepaper to the public. It details the Empyrean Source Platform and how these dApplications will use blockchain and NFT infrastructure to build a multi-faceted mixed reality metaverse. The project contains the following components: Elysian Fields NFT collection, the official collection of the project by ESI and collaborators to fill the ledger and populate it with assets; EF: Realms, a virtual reality dApplication for community interaction, NFT trading, and creative world-building use NFT assets; EF: Battlegrounds, an FPS sandbox using assets from the Metaverse, custom servers, and a variety of game modes and minigames; the EF: Someday Maybe Metaverse Show, a stream program to highlight the project, reach the community, and meet the devs & special guests; and lastly Empyrean Source ($ESI) token, the official cryptocurrency of the Elysian Fields Metaverse with Play-to-Earn (PtE) opportunities. To learn more,    

Ambassador Program & Release of Handbook

To partner with ESI to distribute NFTs, reach the community, and promote the project, the Ambassador Program was established. ESI is focused on and dedicated to development of these different components and the time to call for the support of the community has arrived. It is important to any collection to find collectors who are passionate about the project and team that created it. ESI’s mission is to ensure that every DAO member sees the benefit of a return for the energy they put into it. 

Ambassadors must be willing to use social media platforms, community tools, and other conventional methods to propagate the collection and grow the community. This may be through promotion, streaming, or hosting events centered around NFTs, but in this initial stage it is important to go to the existing NFT and crypto enthusiasts to find and review wallet addresses for airdrops and connect with potential candidates for future ambassadorship. To outline this process and provide educational material to Ambassadors, the first edition Ambassador Handbook for Airdrop Partners was released on 11/27/2021.

700 Owners

Since the release of the collection and first wave of airdrops & giveaways, the Elysian Fields NFT collection has currently reached 714 owners as of 11/30/2021. As more owners have come to the collection, new community members have joined the official EF server and the first ambassadors are currently being onboarded. The push to 1000 owners is beginning with new sets arriving the first of December. 

Community Event: Tea Time 

The social community event Tea Time is set for every Saturday at 4:20pm CST on the discord. Community members and Elysian Fields NFT collectors are invited to join the Discord event room to enjoy relaxing vibes and partake in their own “tea”. The event has been a regular occurrence for the private community Comrades Gate but will encompass the entire Elysian Fields community moving forward. 

Attendees chill in a chat room with a music bot and often with face cameras, making the event much more casual and intimate. Those who attend may drop their wallet in the wallet address chat room to receive a free NFT: Tea Time’ No. 420. 

EF Realms: 

Alpha 1.3 Live Testing

At the latest Tea Time event on November 27th, 2021, the ESI development team let a long time community member do a demo test of EF: Realms Alpha 1.3. The demo was live streamed for the event, giving users a sneak peak look at the upcoming virtual social game for the EF Metaverse. It boasts customizable and predesigned worlds, VR integrations, and will use NFT assets from the NFT collection. 

The community was excited about the footage and the Alpha tester proceeded to obtain a VR headset the following day. The impact to the community will be immense, since having virtual space for the project will allow users to interact in game and host community events.

Currently, ESI is looking for Unity and Blender developers to assist with the project. The Unity Engine application is being used to build EF: Realms. Work on the Community Center and the Elysian Fields NFT Gallery has already been well under the way and other segments are quickly expanding. Blender can be used to create 3D modeled objects and program them to be turned into NFTs. Blender assets can then be uploaded into Unity format and used for EF: Realms. 

ESI is looking for junior developers who have experience or interest in creating Unity and Blender assets for the NFT project and to eventually program into EF Realms. This is a major upcoming step in the Road Map for the project, and it will bring the Metaverse fully together into a unified space and experience. If you are interested or are seeking more information, visit the EF Metaverse Discord and speak with the ESI team or visit and contact us! 

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