Dev Roundup Dec. 2021: Closing out the Year

Originally Published: January 3, 2022

Elysian Fields Alpha 1.3 Screenshot

Update on Collection

The Elysian Fields NFT collection on hit several milestones this month. Since the first NFT was minted into the collection on November 18th, the project has reached 1.1k owners with a trade volume of 2.0162. As of December 27th, there are 179 NFts minted into the collection with more about to flood the market. It’s worth noting that very little official marketing has occurred yet. Promotion and interactions primarily on Twitter, Discord, and in person have been the driving force behind this initial push. We’ve continued to see record volume on weekends around the Tea Time Discord event where the community attends, socializes, and shills the collection in a coordinated effort. December 12th is the day to beat with a record 1.6 ETH in volume and 72 numeric sales.

NFT card design has continued to improve in intricacy and detail. Animations, link cover gifs, and new soundtrack NFT releases bring new use cases and aesthetic to the collection. Featured releases of several new sets (VaporwaveRegiment, and Unicode) and independent cards increase variety and niche elements that hold appeal to nostalgic and energetic NFT collectors. ESI has intentions of reaching 425 unique items as NFTs in the collection in the next month to bring production up to current listing on the Gaian Road Ledger.

The first 1000 entries to the ledger are part of the Genesis block. This block will represent a variety of use cases, formats, contract types, and artistic expression from the creators and early partners. It lays the first steps of the metaverse ESI hopes to build and uphold its commitment to offering the blockchain community and broader society what an NFT project looks like.

Formulation of Ambassador Program

ESI announced in the Dev Roundup November 2021 that it was seeking partners for promotion and airdrop coordination purposes. Since this initiative began, it has undergone streamlining to contain relevant materials and found a more clear vision for the future of project representation by the community. Newly dubbed as Ambassadorship, this branch of Elysian Fields is to equip supporters and users of our metaverse to better and more accurately promote, educate, and overall present the project to the broader community of humanity.

The release of the Ambassador Handbook available to anyone who wishes to promote the project will be a critical step in continuing to enlist the community to take ownership and ultimately to become allies with the DAO and ESI for mutual benefit and advantage. For those that take their Ambassador role seriously, they will be allowed to do so independently or in conjunction with the team. Those who choose to be part of the program will be invited to Ambassador events and get special access to the developers and community managers for education, training, and NFT airdrops.

EF: Metacraft

Minecraft in the Metaverse…

With the announcement that Minecraft as a subsidiary of Microsoft plans to take itself into the metaverse, this opens a world of opportunity for the 2011 hit video game that now comes installed on every Windows computer. The possibilities for what this can mean for an NFT and Metaverse project we believe are immense. In accordance with this, ESI and its developers have created the Elysian Fields: Metacraft, the official Minecraft server for the project.

Metacraft is a hardcore survival gamemode where users will enter the Elysian Fields Metaverse in the city of Comradeship. From there they can interact with other players, sightsee, attend events, and play the game as it is known and loved. However, what makes Metacraft unique is that a play-to-earn model is employed in the form of NFT hunting. Exploring and conquering a dungeon, fighting hordes of monsters, facing off in an arena, and participating in the native economy are all ways to be rewarded NFTs from the Elysian Fields collection.

The vanilla with plug-ins server features the sprawling city of comradeship where players initially spawn in. Skyscrapers, city gardens, bustling markets, the city acts as a hub for server life and events. Players can venture beyond its walls and experience a hardcore survival gameplay where they may come across dangerous custom creatures and explore designer dungeons for NFTs! A PvP arena is currently under project planning and a rail cart system is being blueprinted.

The future of Metacraft is looking bright and as more Web3 features alongside the implementation of VR, the collective Elysian Field Metaverse that Metacraft helps represent will become more functionally into being. Web engineers and Minecraft builders are being called upon to help custom design aspects of the server and deepen experiences for players. Inquire with Empyrean Source Industries for more info on how you can join this project.

Empyrean Source ($ESI) Token


An ERC 20 token on the Polygon Network used in the Elysian Fields Metaverse and Empyrean Source Industries affiliated products. Holders of $ESI will use it for ecosystem trading, project investment, and platform governance. Sending $ESI requires MATIC to send and receive to other wallets.

$ESI is the Source current that powers and represents the flow of energy through the Elysian Fields Metaverse and the Empyrean Source Platform. Movement of the token between systems and users on the network also builds and verifies the public blockchain ledger with each transaction. Across the dApplications of the EF Metaverse, users will be able to Play-to-Earn rewards of $ESI and swap them for public sale or for native NFTs.


Empyrean Source ($ESI) Token is a new cryptocurrency token powered by blockchain technology. It is the main utility and currency within the Elysian Fields Metaverse and used to power all ESI projects, including in-game economies, and for protocols to create fair and mutually beneficial online worlds.

Every aspect of the platform is fueled by ESI tokens, via play-to-earn (PTE) model through games or as incentives for certain activities. Using ESI software, playing games, attending events, and engaging with the Community are all ways to earn $ESI. It can be used to swap for NFTs, peer to peer (P2P) trading, and redeemed for certain rewards, packages, or giveaways. The token can be purchased from ESI or exchanged for certain rewards, prizes, and rare items.

Empyrean Source Industries will oversee the minting and distribution of $ESI. An ICO will take place on the Empyrean Source website where interested parties can purchase it directly from ESI. Eventually, more token offerings will take place on exchanges, once trading is supported on official crypto exchange platforms.


$ESI can be staked in liquidity pools to earn rewards, and increase asset yield on the network


Use $ESI to purchase NFTs, in-game items, premium content & ESI products

DAO Governance

$ESI will be used for the voting protocol, ecosystem functions, and represent ownership of the network

Creator Royalty

Due to currently developing technologies, we will be doing Creator Royalty payouts manually. This is to remain transparent as we build our ecosystem with $ESI to properly represent the creators and artists we partner with.



Total Supply

(To be Determined)

Public Price


$ESI will primarily be distributed to Empyrean Source Industries, to Staking Rewards, and Play-To-Earn funding. This is to represent that the creators, investors, and players are intended to have the opportunity to hold interest in the network liquidity and governance. Other allocations will be for Royalty payouts, private and public sale.

Future Plans

Use cases for the token will expand as the platform becomes more integrated. But primarily, registration of the token with the Polygon network and acceptance on as a method of payment will bring $ESI fully online for development purposes. The team is currently formulating all of the right paperwork and background for submission for approval with both of these organizations. 2.0

The official Empyrean Source website is currently under work to update to its newest form: 2.0! The new website is WEB3 integrated and will require users to sign up and sign in using a secured WEB3 wallet in order to interact with the Elysian Fields Metaverse. It will also host a variety of new content and play-to-earn opportunities where users can earn $ESI token by performing functions such as joining groups or learning more about the project. A marketplace has been added where $ESI token can be spent on ESI products and Elysian Fields items.

Year in Summary

2021 saw groundbreaking changes for the project, our company, and the digital landscape that humanity is increasingly interfacing with. Empyrean Source Industries officially announced its formation with the release of its whitepaper and development road map which quickly led the team into WEB3. Research and development into this sector proved promising for the company as sensational changes swept the public sphere. Crypto and blockchain have made its way into the public eye and the Metaverse became a known reality to many. With all of these factors at play, the Elysian Fields Metaverse project has found its identity.

With the release of the Elysian Fields NFT collection on October 16th, ESI began a long journey into the future of our company. Refocusing and relabeling the companies operations to Metaverse and NFT services, we stand fully prepared to dive into the new immersersive WEB3 and metaverse technological wave.

As more systems of the Empyrean Source platform come online and with the creation of $ESI, the blockchain ecosystem that ESI is building is quickly becoming a reality. We are extremely grateful to all of our supporters, users, and players who inspire and encourage us to keep moving forward. ESI and the Elysian Fields Metaverse represent a digital space made by creators for users. We keep that in mind with every development phase and always hold to the principle that if you build what is best for everyone, the products will speak for themselves and the best will win out.

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