Intro to EF: Battlegrounds

Originally Published: January 1, 2022

Co-op Multiplayer FPS

In order to bring a broader experience to the Metaverse and for users who enjoy competitive play, ESI is creating Elysian Fields: Battlegrounds in conjunction with Realms.  It is a first person shooter using the Unity engine application with Elysian Field elements and assets in game to provide a more immersive experience to the Metaverse aside from the community 3D world EF: Realms. It will host a variety of game modes using private and publicly hosted servers. Vanilla maps will be included, but community workshop and modding provides the ability to create custom maps and game modes. EF: Battlegrounds will use assets from across the Elysian Fields Metaverse as part of in-game world building. 

EF: Battlegrounds is a co-op and multiplayer PVP shooter based in the various Realms of Elysian Fields.  By integrating wallet verification requiring an EF NFT Metachip, this allows DAO members to join and create lobbies with varying game modes and match rules. Custom lobbies, killstreaks, clans and classes are all features being implemented into the game, with a progression system currently being developed. The Emperor’s Cup seasonal esports events will take place in Battlegrounds when called for.

Battlegrounds will include a play-to-earn (PTE) model using $ESI token as a reward for performing actions, completing tasks/quests/objectives, event giveaways, and in-game selling & trading. $ESI tokens accrued will be retained in game anywhere across the Metaverse via your Empyrean Source account.  Until an ICO occurs, the only place possible to purchase $ESI is directly from the Empyrean Source website Token Store.  When $ESI is fully launched, it can be cashed out into a connected and verified wallet, however removing funds from in-game will result in a fee. 

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