Empyrean Source ($ESI) Distribution Plan

Token Contract: https://polygonscan.com/token/0x0e3059081f7e3Bb03D0A377949E6D91483f3E4AA.


An ERC 20 token on the Polygon Network used in the Elysian Fields Metaverse and Empyrean Source Industries affiliated products. Holders of $ESI will use it for ecosystem trading, project investment, and platform governance. Sending $ESI requires MATIC to send and receive to other wallets. 

$ESI is the Source current that powers and represents the flow of energy through the Elysian Fields Metaverse and the Empyrean Source Platform. Movement of the token between systems and users on the network also builds and verifies the public blockchain ledger with each transaction. Across the dApplications of the EF Metaverse, users will be able to Play-to-Earn rewards of $ESI and swap them for public sale or for native NFTs. 


Empyrean Source ($ESI) Token is a new cryptocurrency token powered by blockchain technology. It is the main utility and currency within the Elysian Fields Metaverse and used to power all ESI projects, including in-game economies, and for protocols to create fair and mutually beneficial online worlds.

 Every aspect of the platform is fueled by ESI tokens, via play-to-earn (PTE) model through games or as incentives for certain activities. Using ESI software, playing games, attending events, and engaging with the Community are all ways to earn $ESI. It can be used to swap for NFTs, peer to peer (P2P) trading, and redeemed for certain rewards, packages, or giveaways. The token can be purchased from ESI or exchanged for certain rewards, prizes, and rare items.  

Empyrean Source Industries will oversee the minting and distribution of $ESI. An ICO will take place on the Empyrean Source website where interested parties can purchase it directly from ESI.  Eventually, more token offerings will take place on exchanges, once trading is supported on official crypto exchange platforms. 


$ESI can be staked in liquidity pools to earn rewards, and increase asset yield on the network


Use $ESI to purchase NFTs, in-game items, premium content & ESI products

DAO Governance  

$ESI will be used for the voting protocol, ecosystem functions, and represent ownership of the network

Creator Royalty

NFT artists and creators will have royalties from each sale sent to a liquidity pool. They will then receive $ESI token to represent equal value for the royalty pay-in. Twice a year, creators can swap their $ESI token from the pool at an equal amount to the pay-in. NFT trades via $ESI token are not categorized as a Royalty, but as a Play-To-Earn reward that is subject to swap supply or peer-to-peer transactions.

Play to Earn with $ESI

Elysian Fields Metaverse applications (EF Realms, Battlegrounds, & Metacraft) will include a play-to-earn (PTE) model using $ESI token as a reward for performing actions, completing task/quests/objectives, event giveaways, and in-game selling & trading. $ESI tokens accrued will be retained in game anywhere across the Metaverse via your Empyrean Source account.  Until an ICO occurs, the only place possible to purchase $ESI is directly from the Empyrean Source website Token Store.  When $ESI is fully launched, it can be cashed out into a connected and verified wallet, however removing funds from in-game will result in a fee. 



Total Supply


An equal amount of $ESI is distributed to the ESI Vault, Staking Rewards, and a similar portion Play-To-Earn funding. This is to represent that the creators, investors, and players can hold interest in the network liquidity and governance. Empyrean Source Industries will run private sales for the token and before it goes public a DAO meeting will occur to formally review the token distribution, project, and make proposals.  Early backers will receive token and NFT airdrops to map the network of the Elysian Fields Metaverse.  

Official Wallets

Each of the following wallets will hold a function in the network and assist in the distribution of $ESI. When the Token Distribution plan is executed, the allocated amount of $ESI will be sent to the corresponding wallet to be held for its functional deployment.

  • ESI Vault – held for ESI to continue development of the Elysian Fields, DAO proposals, and other approved ventures

Wallet Address: 0x4Bb40c6D5a9884deC9AC4239b434f98B252BEB93

  • Staking Rewards – Investors who stake $ESI and other supported cryptocurrencies in a liquidity pool

Wallet Address: 0x2ec7721823d7BaC84Ea3468e14a7150B0ab1906D

  • Play to Earn – Awarded to players of Elysian Fields and miners of Empyrean Land 

Wallet Address: 0xA5619d15F80497Db4672348c039A9611259CC611

  • Token Sales – used in the ICO and private sales that follow to distribute $ESI to investors and stakers

Wallet Address: 0x49020C8427D45815Fc7D127435A984B7Da37B68a

  • Royalty Pool – when NFT Creators generate sales on their NFTs, $ESI token equivalent to the royalty earned from the sale is awarded to the Creator which can periodically be withdrawn in the original funds of the sale.

Wallet Address: 0xE182b05C463634F333CC9B57b80162495f1Ff6a3

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